Luminary Multi Flex Gel - COMPLETE Salon Kit

Luminary Multi Flex Gel - COMPLETE Salon Kit

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You've been waiting for this! The COMPLETE SALON COLLECTION of the Luminary Nail System in one easy purchase. 

This collection includes:

  • Peace 10ml, Peace 30ml, Jar w/ a Peace sticker, Squeeze cap
  • Growth 10ml, Growth 30ml, Jar w/ a Growth sticker, Squeeze cap
  • Faith 10ml, Faith 30ml, Jar w/ a Faith sticker, Squeeze cap
  • Love 10ml, Love 30ml, Jar w/ a Love sticker, Squeeze cap
  • Hope 10ml, Hope 30ml, Jar w/ a Hope sticker, Squeeze cap
  • Balance 10ml, Balance 30ml, Jar w/ a Balance sticker, Squeeze cap
  • Drive 10ml, Drive 30ml, Jar w/ a Drive sticker, Squeeze cap
  • Harmony 10ml, Harmony 30ml, Jar w/ a Harmony sticker, Squeeze cap
  • Grace 10ml, Grace 30ml, Jar w/ a Grace sticker, Squeeze cap
  • Aspire 10ml, Aspire 30ml, Jar w/ a Aspire sticker, Squeeze cap
  • Serenity 10ml, Serenity 30ml, Jar w/ a Serenity sticker, Squeeze cap
  • Presence 10ml, Presence 30ml, Jar w/ a Presence sticker, Squeeze cap
  • Absence 10ml, Absence 30ml, Jar w/ a Absence sticker, Squeeze cap
  • Clarity 10ml, Clarity 30ml, Jar w/ a Clarity sticker, Squeeze cap
  • 10ml Empower No-Wipe Top Coat
  • 10ml Empower Matte
  • 15ml Commit Primer

Luminary Nail Systems revolutionized the nail industry with the release of the Multi Flex Gel! This gel is a soak off gel that is a base + builder in one and cures to a hard gel finish, providing incredible strength to the natural nail. It is a medium viscosity gel that is easy to manipulate, self levels like a dream and is available in a wide range of nude colors + clear, black and white. Due to its incredible adhesive properties, this Multi Flex Gel is the perfect first layer for all of your clients!

This gel system works brilliantly with very wide range of gel polish brands. This means that Luminary Nail Systems Multi Flex Gel is the perfect gel polish base or natural nail overlay base/builder!

The Multi Flex gel cures in a LED lamp as directed below: (UV lamp, 2 minute cure per layer)

  • Luminary colors: thin layers require a 30 second cure and builder layers require a 60 second cure.
  • Empower No Wipe Shiny top coat is a 60 second cure.
  • Empower Matte No Wipe top coat is a 30 second cure. 

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