Luxio Gel Polish

Luxio By Akzentz is pure luxury in a bottle – a creamy, lavishly pigmented formula ensures smooth, even coverage every time. Luxio is a pure gel formula, allowing for ease of application and unsurpassed durability all whilst maintaining the integrity of the natural nail health.

100% Gel polish means it is not mixed with nail polish, offering the greatest adhesion and flexibility. 

These products are intended for professionals only. All sales are final.

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Luxio Altitude
Luxio Anticipation
Luxio Arid
Luxio Attraction
Luxio Audacious
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Luxio Azzurro
Luxio Beguiling
Luxio Bespoke
Luxio Blush
Luxio Bombshell
Luxio Bossy
Luxio Bravado
Luxio Brazen
Luxio Breathless
Luxio Breeze
Luxio Calm