Gel Play UV/LED Gels

GEL PLAY PAINTS – 18+ densely pigmented colors designed for fine detailed nail art. Easy to use, acrylic paint consistency.
GEL PLAY GLITTERS – 19+ shades of vibrant, heavily pigmented glitters.
GEL PLAY GLITTER SHIFTERS – 12 sparkling glitters that shift their tone depending on base colour.
GEL PLAY GLITZ –  9 glitzy leaf gels for super saturated full coverage.
GEL PLAY GLITTER ME – Clear gel base with just the right consistency for adding glitters already owned to create personal glitter gels.
GEL PLAY BLING ON – Thick consistency gel that stays put and is extra strong to keep gems, stones and embellishments on.


These products are intended for professionals only. All sales are final.