Acrylic Shaper Carbide

Acrylic Shaper Carbide

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The Acrylic Shaper is ideal for cleaning up the shape of acrylic enhancements around the cuticle area. This bit can also be used to thin the free edge from underneath of the sculpted enhancement. This is part of The Big Thunder series. 

Skin Safe, 3/32 

Created with the highest quality German steel.

Carbide bits are not intended for the natural nail.

Acrylic shaper sold individually. 1 bit per package. (pictured with 2 to try and show the detail of the bit from different angles)

Specialty Carbide bits should be cleaned and disinfected according to your local health and state guidelines. 

View our Bit Reference Guide for guidance on selecting the correct bit.

These products are intended for professionals only. All sales are final.

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