Akzentz Affixit - Non Acid Sticky Primer

Akzentz Affixit - Non Acid Sticky Primer

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New bonding technology! A non-acid based primer leaving a tacky surface to aid even the most troublesome nails.

Apply on the natural nail after you have completed preparation and allow to air dry for a minimum of 60 seconds. This product does not need to be cured in a lamp and makes the nail plate perfectly sticky for extreme adhesion. Proceed with your base coat of choice.

*Affixit can also be used over chrome powder before applying topcoat to help prevent chipping! Be sure not to 'drag' the Affixit bristles over the chrome as it will scratch the chrome finish. Gently float the Affixit primer and let dry, then proceed with your favorite top coat such as Akzentz Shine On. 

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