Ugly Duckling Schtick It Gel

Ugly Duckling Schtick It Gel

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Stop worrying about lost embellishments with our Schtik It!  This amazing gel product will hold all your rhinestones etc. securely, but when the time comes to remove them, they will easily release with clippers, old nippers or soaking.

We recommend applying Schtik It to the tacky layer of cured gel polish, or over a finish filed enhancement before the application of top coat.

Cures crystal clear. Cure for 60-90 seconds in a LED lamp.


*NOTE: If your Schtik It gets cold in transit (or if you accidentally put it in the freezer ;-)- it may get very thick and crystallize. Don't worry.  Just place your pot in a shallow dish of very hot (boil the kettle) water, and it will return to normal. No bad side effects!

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