Ugly Duckling Complete Gel Polish Collection

Ugly Duckling Complete Gel Polish Collection

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This collection offers you everything you need to immediately offer Ugly Duckling services to your clients!

This collection includes:

  • 1 of each of our 193 gel polish colors (including our most recent Breast Cancer Awareness Collection)
  • 1 Builder Base, Clear
  • 3 Builder Base, Milky White, Pink and Fufu Pink
  • 1 Natural Base
  • 1 No Wipe Top Coat
  • 1 Matte Top Coat
  • 1 Prep
  • 1 Primer

PLEASE NOTE: Although our gel polish numbers currently go up to 208, the following shades have been discontinued from our line and are not included in the gel polish collection: 49, 51, 55, 56, 57, 84, 85, 86, 87, 104, 153, 198, 200, 201 and 202

Ugly Duckling gel polish is 100% pure gel. It offers more durability without any of the traditional side effects of hybrid gel polishes!

UGLY DUCKLING GEL POLISH - Over 190 Colors available.

Benefits of 100% gel polishes:

  • does not dry or thin the natural nail
  • excellent adhesion (no aggressive nail prep or filing needed)
  • easy to cure without having to apply numerous paper-thin coats
  • nice silky texture applies easily and does not run into the cuticle
  • highly pigmented which means excellent color payoff so you can get full coverage in less coats
  • no solvents or thinners

Ugly Duckling gel polishes offer ease of application along with maximum control. 

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