Zephyros Dust Collector
Zephyros Dust Collector

Zephyros Dust Collector

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Are you tired of the dust from enhancement removals? Rid yourself of dust and odor! This tabletop dust collector uses a paper filter that you can easily throw away after removal. BONUS - This is a very lightweight machine!

Ingesting nail dust can not only hurt your lungs, but can also cause damage to your eyes, nose, ears, and throat! Give yourself and/or your clients the protection you deserve by investing in a high quality dust vacuum system.

Box includes:

  • Zephyros (available in metallic pink, silver and gold)
  • 50 disposable filters 
  • US Power cord 
  • Approx dimensions of tabletop Zephyros: 11.5" long x 7.5" wide x 4" tall (at highest point)

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